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Partners in Education


The Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education Annual Meeting brings together Partnership Teams that focus on providing professional learning in the arts for teachers. At the Annual Meeting, teams extend their learning about sustaining partnerships and developing strong arts education programs. As a participant, you have the opportunity to connect with others from around the country who are working toward the same goals and hear from leaders in the fields of arts and education. This mobile app allows you to connect and engage with meeting content as well as with other attendees. The app provides access to session handouts and PowerPoint presentations, schedules, a directory of participants, presenter bios, and maps. You can also post to social media and send private messages to those you meet or to Kennedy Center staff.
Share pictures, tweets, quotes, and articles. Ask questions. Get answers. Meet new friends. Catch up with old ones. Teach, learn, and explore the world of the 2016 Annual Meeting.